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There was one character that Stoltz didn’t get to play though – well, not for any more than a few weeks – time-travelling Marty Mc Fly. I produced four films over the last fifteen years or so. I have to say though, I’ve really enjoyed his last few -Elizabethtown, Almost Famous -, because I feel like I’m reading his journals. I think I was just sent the script and met with the director, at that time – who was Martha Coolidge. He was always onboard, because he was the writer/producer, but as we get closer to shooting he replaced her because he didn’t like what was being done to his material. I stayed onboard – I don’t know how that happened – but even then, I think I barely stayed onboard. Speaking of DVDs, I just watched “The Fly II: Special Edition”. I haven’t done that many horror films, they’re fun, in a disgusting way. Did you look at Jeff Goldblum’s performance from the first film in prep? I actually had dinner with Jeff – who was living with Geena Davis at the time – and they were wonderful, lovely people. Near three weeks into filming the Robert Zemeckis directed “Back to the Future”, the studio’s original choice for the lead role, TV star Michael J. Stoltz, who had been bought onto the picture when Fox couldn’t escape his TV commitments to do the film, was out on his arse. I started to realise that I enjoyed being with the crew, and seeing the behind the scenes stuff, and how the creation of the film is done more than I did sitting in my trailer being served cappuccino by attractive production assistants. I was always fascinated with the creativity and hierarchy of power on a film set – it’s like a mini society. I certainly have a soft spot for Say Anything, because not only was it his first, but also I got to work on it as a P. They’re much more difficult films, but I feel they’re much more personal and interesting. I should’ve prefaced this entire interview by saying I’m notorious and actually very well liked for the fact that I have an awful memory. It was an entirely different script [from the film you know] – it was almost a silent film, because Martha had this interesting idea of trying to make it as much of a non-verbal, non-jokey teen film as possible. We had shot two or three weeks with my hair below-my-shoulders and I was very greasy and odd looking – because the guy was someone who wasn’t able to fit in, we thought that was a great way to go. Someone at Paramount came down and said ‘We’re going to cut your hair, and clean up your act’. I would’ve thought they might have put it on the DVDs or something No. That scene with the dog still gets me That was a tough scene.

And he has a long list of requests for whoever he dates.

"I'm eating while talking to you," she says in that famous throaty contralto that long ago made her the Goddess of Pop. An intriguing blend of Armenian-American and Cherokee, she's also extremely adept at staying in the game.

Her reign as an undisputed diva is among the longest in show business.

Cher's parents divorced before she was a toddler, and her mother, Georgia Holt, briefly placed her child in an orphanage.

Holt remarried several times and produced another daughter, Georganne; stepfathers were rarely in the picture, and Cher routinely flirted with trouble.