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Dates often take place in hotel lounges, preferably not more than 30 minutes drive.

However, singles sometimes find it more natural to talk while doing an activity, such as playing board games, rather than being placed next to each other and expected to converse.

Last summer, I experienced this pressure first-hand.

A prominent rabbi argued to me that too few students were getting married in college.

A Rebbetzins mentor is a teacher, confidante, a role model and an advocate for you.I have a habit of finding a guy hilarious or interesting and sending a message.Most of the time, the bochur is kind enough to reply, but in that "I'm replying because I feel obligated so don't message me again" kind of way.The position the rabbi advocated was completely out of touch with my reality, and as far as I could see, he seemed unwilling to even consider the needs of a diverse and changing community.As repeatedly shown in the media, Orthodox Judaism is notorious for its emphasis on marriage, and true to this reputation, our leaders tend to advocate marriage at a young age.Our team of experienced shadchanim have access to a large, thoroughly-researched database of eligible singles.