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This decline in productivity of the herd has been mitigated by recent reduction in doe harvest.
My favorite are those who call and want to meet with you but haven't looked at or even opened their own calendars to see when they are available. Every few months, we have our journal time, where I ask about classes, best friends, favorite movies and video games, frustrations, teachers, cartoons, etc.

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However, Miki was very uncertain of herself and became jealous because Yuu was always surrounded by other girls, several of them being very beautiful and mature while Miki believes herself to be only average-looking and childish.She and Yuu eventually became a couple, but they didn't tell their parents because they believed their parents would disapprove.The group's first official appearance was a joint live in August 1998, at Shibuya Public Hall (now Shibuya C. Lemon Hall), under the name "Michiyo Heike and Morning Musume," the fan club of the two acts was called "Hello! The actual graduation took place in April, and Nakazawa was subsequently named as leader of the entirety of Hello! Nakazawa's was the first graduation in the history of Hello!" The first official "units" were Tanpopo and Petitmoni, created in October 1998. Project, and garnered considerable media attention as a result, the first time the group had truly caught the attention of the mainstream press. On July 31, 2002, a major reform of all of the groups within Hello!

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Another thing to keep in mind is that Japanese is written with what some may consider ideographs or pictographs; every element has not only a sound but a meaning.

Consider the modern English names Heather, Holly, Pearl, Felicity, and Patience.

The first thing that needs to be remembered about Japanese names is that the surname comes first.

The first Ashikaga shôgun, Takauji, was thus Ashikaga Takauji, not Takauji Ashikaga, despite the order sometimes given his name in many Western books.