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Further efforts also need to be made to combat the stigma that has been unfairly attached to this disorder.

An increased awareness of BPD among both clinicians and the general public will allow for continued progress in understanding and treating this disorder.

Clearview Women’s Center is a residential treatment program that specializes in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

The center, located in Venice Beach, Calif., is the premier program on the West Coast for BPD treatment.

but your parents tell you that it doesn’t matter what you want, that you shouldn’t want that because it’s stupid.you’re small and they as adults are the only ones that know what’s right.

You’re outside and asking your folks to look at you ride the bike, or run, or see you climb that tree. which translates into “you’re not important” Say you fell and got hurt, you bruised your knee tripping over the bike..

Validation means letting the person with BPD know that you identify what they are feeling or thinking, and clearly communicating your understanding of what that person is expressing.

Say you’re three years old, you finally learned how to say “I want” and you want to practice it..During DBT therapy, people with Borderline Personality Disorder are taught the acronym CLEAR to learn the process of validating.If you are interacting with someone with BPD, try using the following techniques to help them feel validated in their thoughts and feelings: As you are validating the other person, keep in mind that it’s not important that you agree with what they are thinking or feeling.The response you get is “there’s no need to be sad, that’s stupid, you’ll see him/her next time.Don’t be sad” What if you’re actually angry because they’re not listening to you…you’re sad and they keep telling you that there’s no reason to be…the answer is “see what happens if you don’t listen to me, see what happens if you do what you want?