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As you may know, if you can be bothered to remember pointless details like this, I work in a company that produces online Bingo games.

In each Bingo game is a chat, and the chat has a bad language filter.

This means that the chat master can decide which inappropriate words will be blocked from appearing in the chat window. a-hole anal anus arse arse bandit ass ball hang ball swing balls bastard beaver beef curtain bender big vagina bitch bloody heck bloody shite blow off blowjob blue veined piccal bollocks boobs bottie burp bugger lugs bum hole bunk up chinamans eye chink chug nuts chutney ferre cock cock off cock pit com corn hole cum cumming cumstain cunt dick head dildo dingles docker docking dumbass dumbshit dump master ejaculate erection fag faggot fanny fart flapper flaps flippin heck foreskin jumper forskin fu fuck fudge tunnel gala galabingo gash gasher gay git gook groaper hole sniffer japs eye jobby jobby plop plop knob kojak in a crew neck jumper kojak in a rollneck jumper labia lameass lmao love pocket masturbate mecca mong motherfucker nigger nipple nob nude nugger nutjob nutter oh my fucking good omfg orgasm orgy peckerhead penis piece of shit pillock piss flaps pos pussy qft queer quit fucking talking scrotum second hole from the back of your neck semen shit shite shitter shut the fuck up slag snatch son of a bitch sonofabitch spam sandwich sperm spic spooge stfu tic tacs tit head tits titts tosser turd twat twocer up yours useless pillock vagina wank what the fuck what the hell whore wtf wth www So, a spam sandwich, anyone..?

The actual list of words serves 3 purposes: So here it is, in all its bawdy (and alphabetically sorted) glory: ( .

As true as this is in ourselves, so too is it true in the world.

n our previous chat, master facilitator Mark Walsh and I spoke about 3 phases of our personal development, namely “retreating from the world, returning to the marketplace and expressing our practice in virtual space” – and how each one of these moves comes with its set of challenges and learning curves.

Bonjour, Cela fait plusieurs mois que je me connecte sur le chat skyrock, et je n'ai jamais eu de problème jusque là.

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