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[Note: A rough macroscopic analogy might be that of a spinning top precessing about the direction of a gravitational field.] Pictorially, an electron with moment μ, when placed in a constant magnetic field H and having the same frequency as that of the precessing electron, θ will increase as the system absorbs power from the incident microwaves.

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In fact, Jenni reportedly kicked her eldest daughter out of the house and left her entirely out of her will.

Up until then, Chiquis had served as La Diva de la Banda's Chiquis Rivera Debuting New Single on Univision's 'Premios Juventud' Awards Show Beyond revealing what led to the now-famous rift between her and Jenni, the "La Malquerida" singer also discusses details of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father, Jose Trinidad Marin, who is serving a life sentence in prison. Here are some other things you’ll be shocked to read about in like the fact that it started in a bathroom when she was eight -- after her parents separated in 1994 and were splitting custody of her -- and ended when she was 12, after she ingeniously told her father's live-in girlfriend that she had begun menstruating.

That particular pre-emptive advisory is new this season; In years past, the hurricane center didn’t issue such warnings until a storm had earned a name., out April 7 via Atria Books, budding banda singer Chiquis Rivera is telling all, including the reasons she and her mother, regional Mexican superstar Jenni Rivera, stopped speaking in October 2012 -- two months before Jenni died in a plane crash in Monterrey, Mexico.Mother and daughter never got a chance to reconcile.“Power Rangers has always represented diversity and they’re always been ahead of the curve on a lot of things and although it may be a touchy subject for some people, I think it’s done in a very classy way, and not only that, in a way that’s really real, because you don’t know, Trini doesn’t know herself, and it’s that moment where she says out loud, ‘I’ve never said any of this out loud’ and that line, where, you know, Zordon says ‘You must shed your masks to wear this armor.’ It’s true.People should accept themselves for who they really are and be proud of that and take ownership of that first and learn that self-love to really be happy; and I think that’s why Trini never found her purpose just yet, until she met them and that’s why she never really learned to love herself, because she didn’t accept who she really is just yet.”Katy Perry was honored by the HRC over the weekend, receiving the National Equality Award for her work as an LGBTQ ally.Whorehouses are scattered all around the island with most of their customers being locals and expatriates bringing women from all over the world to sell their 'goods'. prostituting their selves for as little as in what is known as the 'package deal' whereby a customer gets a room, condom and the woman all inclusive.